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With the convergence of advanced In-vehicle electronics, Communication technology Telematics, Infotainment automobiles of today are undergoing a complete re-invention yet again.


 SH designs, engineers and manufactures a wide variety of components, integrated systems and modules on a worldwide basis. SH can provide our vehicle manufacturer customers with global, single-point sourcing capability and systems tailored to meet their specific needs.

Automotive systems and technologies are constantly being innovated, the impact of which is manifold:

Increasingly competitive landscape leading to frequent new product introductions with greater demand on innovation and faster design cycle

System and sub-system designs constantly being driven by increase in electronic content as seen in a number of upcoming automotive applications:


Powertrain & Transmission - Powertrain controls, Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA), Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), Electromagnetic Valve Train (EVT), Ignition sensing, 42V architecture


Chassis Control - X-by-Wire (Control-by-Wire, Brake-by-Wire), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Collision Avoidance


Safety - Lane departure warning, Tire pressure monitoring, Blindspot detection, Night vision, Vision enhancement, Driver conditioning and monitoring, Safety event recorder


Body & Comfort - Driver assistance, Keyless entry, Voice recognition, Passenger position sensing






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